Way Your Dog can Help You Lose Weight

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, Over Half dogs in the United States are Obese or overweight.

When we get a dog, or any pet as such weight loss is the thing we have in mind.

As per studies and evidence , it actually is possible to lose weight with the help of your dog. Here’s how.

A study published in journal royal society Open Science stated that obese dogs performed in a similar manner as obese humans and this would help you determine your food choices.

If both you and your dog need to shed some kilos , you can do it together quickly studies show. They will hold you accountable and help achieve your goal.

Neat, or non exercise activity thermogenesis , are things we do that are not relatged to sports or rest these activities determine your daily calorie burn , and having a dog will increase them

Walking your dog everyday is a bare minimum to keep them healthy . Along with them, you walk too and this helps you lose weight.

Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities . It is important for you to make them exercise regularly , which in turn means more exercise for you and subsequent weight loss.

For dogs as for humass , losing weight really comes down to two things : food and exercise.

A dog owner trying to manage or reduce their dog’s weight , food is most important, by far.