Twitter is now worth just 33% of Elon Musk’s Purchase price

Twitter’s value has been marked down to one third of what Elon Musk Paid ,

as reported by Fidelity.

Musk admitted to overpaying for Twitter,

purchasing it for $44 billion ,

including $33.5 billion in equity.

Recently , musk stared that Twitter is worth less than half of his initial investment.

Fidelity lowered the value of its Twitter stake multiple times , 

the latest reduction in November to 44% of the purchase price.

Since musk’s takeover, Twitter has faced financial struggles, 

with advertising revenue declining by 50% due to debt and contect moderation challenges.

Attempts to recoup revenue through twitter blue subscriptions have been unsuccessful , 

with less than 1% of monthly users signing up.

Musk’s investment in Twitter is now vlued at $8.8 billon,

resulting in a reduction of approximately $850 million from his fortune.