Toxic people have these 15 habit

Constant Criticism: They find fault in almost everything, including your actions, choices, and beliefs. Nothing ever seems good enough for them.

Manipulation: They use guilt, flattery, or other tactics to get what they want, often at the expense of others' well-being.

Gossiping: They thrive on spreading rumors and stirring up drama, often behind people's backs.

Always Playing the Victim: They refuse to take responsibility for their actions and tend to blame others for their problems.

Controlling Behavior: They try to dictate what you do, who you see, and how you live your life.

Lack of Empathy: They show little understanding or compassion for others' feelings or situations.

Jealousy and Envy: They can't genuinely celebrate others' successes and may even try to undermine them.

Gaslighting: They manipulate situations to make you doubt your perceptions, memories, or sanity.

Dishonesty: They lie or deceive to get their way or cover up their actions.

Narcissism: They have an inflated sense of self-importance and often prioritize their own needs above all else.

Chronic Negativity: They consistently focus on the negative, bringing down the mood of those around them.

Boundary Violation: They disregard personal boundaries, whether emotional, physical, or otherwise.

Refusal to Apologize or Change: Even when confronted with their behavior, they are unlikely to admit fault or seek to improve.

Isolation Tactics: They try to cut you off from other supportive relationships, wanting to keep you dependent on them.