PYTHON Many experts say Python is the best language to learn first it has a large and active community that provides an abundance of tools and libraries and its clear and libraries and its clear and legible syntax makes it simple to learn

HTML/CSS While not technically programming language HTML and CSS are essential for web development They are straightforward and necessary for creating web pages.

JAVASCRIPT Javascript is a must know programming language for web developers It’s widely used in web development there’s a variety of tutorials and resources available online

RUBY Ruby is known for its simplicity and readability it was designed with the goal of making programming enjoyable for its developers.

SWIFT Swift is a good language to use if you want to make mobile apps for iOS It’s made to be easy to read and write so even newbies can use it

PHP The PHP programming language is widely used for server side web development and scripting It’s easy to pick up if you want to build interactive websites.

GO Go, often known as Golang is intended to be simple and efficient its standard library is compact and straightforward making it easy to learn and master

SCRATCH Scratch is a block based visual programming language designed for kids and beginners it’s a great starting point for understanding programming concept

C#  C# is widely used for game development ( using Unity ) and windows application development it is well documented and has a reasonably moderate learning curve