Top 7 free AI training course approved by Microsoft for teache

Introduction to machine learning This overview introduce machine learning to beginners boxing on ki ideas you will learn about data models and the process we will use Pathan to explorer data train models and experience the real life machine learning journey

Introduction to github copilot The courses will help you to understand how gitHub copilot can help you code by offering auto complete style suggested after the completion of this course you will learn how to configure GitHub Copilot.

Describe the benefits of using cloud service This module introduces you to the benefits cloud computing can offer you or your organization you will also get a clear understanding benefits of high availability and scalability in the cloud manageability in the cloud security and governance in the cloud etc.

Explore and analyze data with python Data exploration and analysis is at the core of data science data scientists require skills in programming languages like python to explore visualize and manipulate data

Describe cloud computing This module introduces you to cloud computing it covers things such as cloud concepts deployment models and understanding shared responsibility in the cloud

Create Machine Learning model Microsoft learn provides several interactive ways to get an introduction to classic machine learning these learning paths will get you productive on their own and also are an excellent based for moving on to deep learning topic

Discover Data Analysi Would you like to explore the journey of a data analyst and learn how a data analyst tells a story with data in this module you explore the different roles in data and learn the different tasks of a data analyst