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Take a look at this story to discover the details of the top 7 free AI Courses provided by Microsoft along with the content they encompass shaped for tech enthusiast

Introduction to Machine Learning This course serves as an introduction to machine learning for beginners focusing on fundamental concepts participants will gain insights into data models and the overall process Utilizing python you will delve into data exploration model training and immerse yourself in a hands on machine learning experience.

Introduction to GitHub Discover the capabilities of github copilot in assisting your coding endeavors with autocomplete style suggestions By completing this course you will gain proficiency in configuring and effectively utilizing GitHub Copilot to enhance your coding efficiency

Exploring the Advantages of cloud service This module provides an overview of the advantages offered by cloud computing both for individuals and organizations Gain insights into the benefits of cloud based high availability scalability manageability security governance and more

Python Based Data Exploration and Analysis  At the heart of data science lies data exploration and analysis this course highlights the significance of programming languages like python in visualizing manipulating and exploring data essential skills for data scientists.

Understanding cloud computing Dive into the realm of cloud computing with this module which covers cloud concepts deployment models and comprehension of shared responsibilities within the cloud environment

Building Machine Learning Model Microsoft learn presents interactive pathways to introduce you to classic machine learning these learning tracks machine learning these learning tracks not only right but also provide a strong foundation for delving into more advanced deep learning topic

Exploration of Data Analysi Embark on the journey of a data analyst and discover how this module offers insights into various roles within data analysis and provides a comprehensive understanding of the tasks undertaken by data analyst