Top 15 AI Cryptos to Invest in April 2024

While I can't provide a definitive list of the top 15 AI cryptos to invest in for April 2024 (the crypto market is volatile and changes rapidly), 

I can share some resources that might be helpful for your research:

Established AI Cryptos: (FET): Facilitates data exchange between AI applications [Search Fetch AI crypto].

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN): Creates a marketplace for secure data sharing used by AI [Search Ocean Protocol crypto].

SingularityNET (AGIX): A decentralized platform for AI services and tools [Search SingularityNET crypto].

The Graph (GRT): Uses AI for data indexing and querying for blockchain applications [Search The Graph crypto].

Render Token (RNDR): Provides on-demand GPU computing power for AI tasks [Search Render Token crypto].

Resources to Find More:

Articles like "Top 15 Best AI Crypto Coins to Consider in 2024" [Search Top 15 Best AI Crypto Coins] discuss various AI crypto projects.

Platforms like KuCoin and OKX offer lists of "Top AI Crypto Coins" to watch [Search AI Crypto Coins KuCoin] [Search Top AI Cryptos OKX].

Important to Consider:

Do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Understand the project's goals, technology, and potential risks.

Only invest what you can afford to lose, as the crypto market is unpredictable.