The Best free AI art generators ranked

Image Creator from Microsoft Designer  

Currently holds the title for best overall free AI art generator 

User-friendly interface with a good balance of creative control and ease of use 

Offers a generous amount of free credits for generation.

Craiyon (formerly DALL-E Mini) 

The original "no-frills" AI art generator 

Straightforward interface, perfect for quick and quirky results 

Completely free to use, with generation limits 

NightCafe Creator 

More artistically-focused platform with a community aspect 

Offers a limited number of free credits, but creations can be shared and discussed.

Dream by WOMBO: Primarily a mobile app, great for creating art on the go. Free with limited credits 

DALL-E 2 by OpenAI: The pioneering AI art tool, now with a limited free credit system (50 credits initially, with a few more added monthly).

Things to Consider 

Free vs Paid Tiers: Most generators offer a limited free tier with the option to purchase more credits for generation 

Features: Some generators cater to beginners, while others offer more in-depth customization options 

Output Quality: The quality of the generated art can vary between platforms 

Finding the Right One 

It's recommended to try out a few different free options to see which best suits your needs and artistic style. Consider factors like