python comes to google sheets

In a move that should please data analysts and programmers alike, Google has announced

Users will be able to write Python scripts directly in Google Sheets

use them to automate tasks

Will be able to perform complex calculations and create custom visualizations

The integration of Python with Google Sheets is being made possible by the Google Sheets API.

API allows developers to create and interact with Google Sheets programmatically

By making the API available to Python developers, Google is opening the door to a wide range of new possibilities for Google Sheets.

Some potential benefits of using Python with Google Sheets include

Python can be used to automate a wide range of tasks in Google Sheets such as data cleaning, data formatting, and data analysis

Python can be used to perform complex calculations

Those that would be difficult or impossible to do in Google Sheets alone

Custom Visualizations: Python can be used to create custom visualizations

Python integration with Google Sheets is an important development

The arrival of Python in Google Sheets is a major development that will make the platform even more powerful and versatile.

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