Internal Linking Audit with the SEO Spider

Absolutely, the SEO Spider by Screaming Frog is a great tool to conduct an internal linking audit. Here's a breakdown of the process:

Crawling Your Site:

Start by crawling your website using the SEO Spider. This will create a list of all your URLs and their corresponding data.

Analyzing Internal Links:

Once the crawl is complete, head over to the "Internal" tab. This section offers various insights on your internal linking structure.

Key Metrics to Look for:

Unique Inlinks: This metric shows the number of unique pages that link to a specific URL.

It helps identify orphan pages (pages with no internal links) and prioritize linking to important ones.

Anchor Text: Analyze the anchor text used for internal links. Ideally, the anchor text should be relevant to the linked page and include your target keywords.

Leveraging Additional Features:

Link Position: Explore the "Link" tab to understand where links are positioned on a page (navigation, sidebar, content area, etc.). This helps prioritize which links to fix or optimize.

Google Search Console Integration: You can connect Screaming Frog's API to Google Search Console to pull in valuable data. 

This allows you to identify high-performing pages and strategically link to them from other relevant pages.