Mumbai-Madurai IndiGo Flight Safely Lands After Engine Shutdown, Details Inside

An IndiGo flight bound for Mumbai from Madurai encountered a mid-air engine shutdown on Tuesday, sending shockwaves through the cabin.

The Pratt and Whitney engine failure, however, did not discourage the experienced pilot as they managed to execute a flawless landing at their destination.

According to officials closely monitoring the situation, the ordeal unfolded when one of the Pratt and Whitney engines experienced a sudden shutdown mid-air.

Panic briefly gripped the passengers as the aircraft faced an unexpected technical glitch.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the authoritative voice in Indian aviation, shed light on the incident.

“The IndiGo A321Neo aircraft, bearing the registration VT-IUJ and operating under flight number 6E-2012 from Madurai to Mumbai,

The account continued, “Signs of high engine vibrations were detected during the ascent, followed by a low oil pressure warning for Engine No.

The situation escalated during the cruise, leading to the eventual stall of Engine No.1. Responding with impressive

the crew promptly shut down the affected engine and initiated a request for a priority landing.

The pilot’s skills were put to the ultimate test, and a commendably safe landing was achieved.”

IndiGo, in an official statement, shed light on the incident and the subsequent actions taken.