More than 4000 year old polychrome wall discovered in Peru

In a surprising turn of events, archaeologists in Peru have discovered an ancient over 400 polychrome wall in northern Peru.

For those who don’t know, polychrome brickwork is a way of making buildings that was first used in the pre-ceramic period.

Polychrome brickwork has various shades of bricks, like red, brown, yellow, cream, blue and black.

 All these coloured bricks were used in patterns.

These patterns were then used in the construction of important parts of buildings, like the arches around windows so that they look beautiful and unique.

More than 4000 year old polychrome wall discovered in Peru

The wall was initially found by farmers who were working in their fields back in 2020.

The experts from the team said, “Three years later we started a new procedure whose results showed us its age…Today we are sure it’s a building…

As per archaeologist, the wall is approximately three m in height. The most interesting feature of this wall is the triangular geometric lines,

“The most important section…must have been a pre-ceramic temple, with a hearth at its centre that we will likely be able to excavate later.”

Northern Peru has been attracting archaeologists from across the globe for a long time. Several interesting and valuable discoveries have been made in the region