Microsoft Bing chief Exiting Role After Sulyman Named Ai Leader

That's right, there has been a shakeup at Microsoft's consumer AI division.

Here's a breakdown of the situation:

Mikhail Parakhin, who previously headed Microsoft's Bing search engine and 

advertising businesses, is stepping down from those roles.

This comes after Microsoft appointed Mustafa Suleyman, 

co-founder of AI researcher DeepMind (previously owned by Google), 

to lead the company's consumer AI efforts.

Parakhin will now report to Microsoft's Chief Technology Officer 

while he searches for a new position within the company.

This reshuffle reflects Microsoft's strategic shift towards prioritizing consumer AI.

CEO Satya Nadella is reportedly aiming to accelerate the integration of

AI across various products like Bing and Windows, 

possibly to compete more effectively with Google.