Just Launched: GitHub Deployment

While GitHub Deployments isn't exactly a brand new feature,

it's definitely worth exploring for streamlining your deployment workflows. Here's a quick rundown:

Streamlined Deployments: GitHub Actions offers functionalities to automate and manage deployments directly within your repository. 

You can trigger deployments based on events like pushes to specific branches or tags.

Environments: Define different environments (like staging, testing, or production) and 

configure rules to control deployments to each one. This allows you to have more control over the deployment process.

Security Hardening: Implement security best practices like OpenID Connect to enhance the security of your deployments across various cloud providers.

Deployment History: Track your deployment history for better monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.

Overall, GitHub Deployments provide a centralized platform for managing deployments directly within 

your GitHub workflow, simplifying the process and offering better control.