ISRO’s Ganganyaan : How Indian astronauts are preparing for their first ever journey in space

India's Gaganyaan mission is gearing up for its historic first crewed mission! 

Here's a look at how the astronauts are preparing for this monumental journey:

Rigorous Training: Four Indian Air Force officers were chosen for Gaganyaan and have been undergoing intense training for over a year. This includes:

Physical Training: Building endurance for the G-forces experienced during launch and re-entry.

Classroom Sessions: Mastering spacecraft systems, space physiology, and emergency procedures.

Simulation Exercises: Practicing various scenarios inside replicas of the Gaganyaan capsule to prepare for real-life situations.

The Training Facility: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has a dedicated crew training facility in Bengaluru for Gaganyaan astronauts. 

This facility is equipped with simulators that mimic the spacecraft environment and various flight conditions.

International Collaboration: The astronauts have also undergone training in Russia, 

collaborating with experts who have experience in human spaceflight missions.

Target Launch: With 2024 being a year of "Gaganyaan readiness" for ISRO, 

the first crewed mission is set for launch in 2025. 

There are still tests to be completed before then, but with this rigorous training regimen, 

the astronauts are well on their way to being prepared for their historic mission.