How to Create YouTube Videos Using AI

Concept & Research: Brainstorm video ideas. Use AI tools like Writesonic or Jarvis [AI writing tools] to generate titles and topic clusters.

Scriptwriting: Let AI write your script! Tools like Pictory or ShortlyAI can craft a draft based on your chosen topic.

Refine & Fact-check: Polish the AI-generated script for accuracy, style, and flow. Double-check facts yourself.

Storyboarding (Optional): Sketch out your video's sequence for a clear visual roadmap (AI cannot do this yet).

Video Assets: Use AI tools like Synthesia to create realistic avatar presenters, or find royalty-free video clips.

Voiceover & Music: Generate voiceovers with tools like Clipchamp or edit AI-written scripts into a natural narration. Choose background music (AI can help find royalty-free options).

Editing Software: Utilize editing software like DaVinci Resolve or iMovie to put everything together (AI isn't there yet for full editing).

Intros, Outros & Overlays: Create intros, outros, and lower-third text overlays using design software like Canva.

End Screen & Cards: Design engaging end screens and cards with calls to action using user-friendly design tools 

Optimize & Publish: Craft a compelling title, description, and tags using YouTube keyword research tools. Finally, hit publish

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