How to Create free AI art with google Gemini ‘s Image Generator 

Gemini Apps:

Availability: Most countries except EEA, Switzerland, UK. English prompts only. Limited to specific Gemini apps and their supported languages/countries.

How it works: Within specific Gemini apps, you can enter a prompt and generate images related to it.

Limitations: Currently in beta, limited availability, only English prompts.

Bard Image Generation:

Availability: Most countries. Supports all languages Bard itself does.

How it works: Directly through Bard, you can enter a prompt and request an image be generated.

Limitations: Currently in beta, limited features compared to dedicated image generators.

Availability: Developers can access and integrate into their applications.

How it works: A powerful text-to-image API for developers to build image generation into their applications.

Limitations: Not directly accessible to users, requires developer integration.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

Usage limits: Both Gemini Apps and Bard have usage limits for image generation.

Content restrictions: You cannot generate images that violate Google's AI Principles or Terms of Service.

Image quality: The quality of the generated images may vary depending on the prompt, your device, and the specific feature being used.