How to become rich with your coding skill

Coding challenge Whether you are new to coding or not it’s a good idea to participate in online coding competitions competitions not only provide you with fast cash but also put your abilities to the test and expose you to new prospect


It’s another technique for a coder to break out of routine. Although monetizing your blog might be a long term endeavour it’s worth a shot especially if you enjoy writing

Develop enterprise App

. It’s an intriguing approach to generating passive money APIs and corporate apps, on the other hand must answer a specific problem to be successful and have more consumers use them. It’s not worth it otherwise

Online Tutorial

There are several learning platforms where instructors may set up free teaching accounts arrange courses and sell them to their target audience . Both new and experienced programmers use platforms such as youtube to tackle coding challenge


Freelancing can be exhausting at times However with the correct online freelancing platforms mentality and marketing abilities you may secure steady engagements that pay the bill