How Copilot AI Will Transform OneDrive User

Microsoft's Copilot AI is bringing a new wave of interaction to OneDrive users.

Here's how it will transform your experience:

Finding Information Fast: Imagine needing a specific detail from a document without opening it. 

" or "who are the attendees for the meeting next week?" 

Copilot scans your documents and delivers the answer directly, 

saving you time sifting through text.

Effortless Summarization: Copilot can also summarize entire documents or groups of documents. 

This is useful if you need to quickly grasp the gist of a long report or get up to speed on a project before a meeting.

Supported File Types: Copilot works with various file formats including Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and presentations. 

This makes it a versatile tool for anyone who stores a variety of information in OneDrive.

Availability: Copilot for OneDrive is currently rolling out and is expected to be widely available by late April 2024. 

It's accessible through OneDrive for web and the file viewer in Microsoft Teams, 

OneDrive, and SharePoint. However, it requires a Microsoft 365 license with Copilot included.

How Copilot AI Will Transform OneDrive User

How Copilot AI Will Transform OneDrive User