How BharatGPT’s Hanooman is Changing the Face of AI in India 

BharatGPT's Hanooman is an initiative aiming to make AI more accessible 

and inclusive for India by focusing on two key areas:

Indic Languages: A large portion of the Indian population 

(around 80%) doesn't speak English fluently.

Hanooman addresses this by being a suite of generative 

AI models that works with Indic languages. 

This means people can interact with AI in their native tongue,

fostering wider adoption and development in local languages.

Democratization of AI: Hanooman is being developed

with open-source principles in mind. 

The first four models in the series are planned for release soon, 

and will be available with varying parameters 

(1.5 billion, 7 billion, 13 billion, and 40 billion)

to cater to different needs and computing capabilities. 

This open approach allows more people to participate in and benefit from AI advancements in India