Gupshup Launches AI Business Conversation Tool

Gupshup, a company specializing in conversational engagement, 

launched a suite of software as a service (SaaS) tools called Conversation Cloud in February 2023. 

This suite is designed to improve business-to-consumer interactions through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Conversation Cloud consists of three parts:

Converse: This module allows businesses to create two-way conversations with customers across various channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, and RCS. 

It also offers features like building customer journeys and sending automated messages.

Advertise: This module helps businesses acquire and convert customers through advertisements on WhatsApp and Instagram.

It is reported that brands using Advertise have seen a 60-70% decrease in the cost per qualified lead.

Communicate: This module provides communication features with functionalities like automatic message translation, 

message scheduling, and omnichannel message failover.

Overall, Gupshup's Conversation Cloud aims to revolutionize 

business-to-consumer interactions by providing businesses with the tools to engage 

with customers through AI-powered conversations on various popular channels.