get a head start in cyrsecurity with these free resource


 Offers a wide range of cybersecurity courses and certifications, many of which are free.


The Open Web Application Security Project provides a wealth of information on web application security, including cheat sheets, guides, and tools. 

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) Security: 

 MDN provides a comprehensive set of articles and tutorials on web security topics.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework:  

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework provides a set of standards, guidelines, and best practices for managing cybersecurity risks.

SANS Institute Reading Room: 

 The SANS Institute offers a wide range of free cybersecurity articles and white papers. 

Google Gruyere Project: 

 The Gruyere Project provides a set of security challenges and exercises designed to help developers learn about common security vulnerabilities. 

HackerOne Bug Bounty Program:  

HackerOne is a bug bounty platform that allows organizations to crowdsource their security testing. 

By participating in bug bounty programs, you can learn about security vulnerabilities and earn rewards for finding them. is a website that lists Capture the Flag (CTF) events. CTFs are competitions that challenge participants to solve security problems.

Participating in CTFs is a great way to learn about security and improve your skills. 


 TryHackMe is a website that offers a variety of hands-on cybersecurity challenges. These challenges are a great way to learn about security vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. 

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