Bitcoin , Ether , Dip ; Post US Debt Ceiling

Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies experienced losses in Tuesday’s Asian Trading,

with Bitcoin falling due to profit Bitcoin Falling due to profit taking after Monday’s gains.

However, XRP defied the trend and rose amidst speculation that 

it is undervalued considertin positive developments in Ripple Labs’s lawsuit in the U.S.

Stock futures in the U.S. saw an upward movement as president 

Biden and House speaker McCarthy agreed to raise the government’s debt celling 

This agreement broutht optimism to ivestors 

but also raised concerns about inflation concerns about inflation and potential interest rate hikes.

Despite the dip , Bitcoin still showed a 2.95% increase for the week, 

reaching a peak of US$28,300 on Monday morning in Asia.

Additionally , XRP witnessed gains over the past 24 hours and week,

boosted by revelations in the infamous lawsuit against the firm.

According to pro Ripple attorney john Deaton, 

internal documents form the SEC may support Ripple’s case, 

Potentially leading to futher price increases for XRP.