Best AI Tools for Students and Educators in 2024

Google Scholar

A powerful research tool from Google that specifically indexes scholarly articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions 


This AI-powered PDF editor offers a variety of features to help students with research, including summarizing and rewriting complex texts, translating languages, and proofreading documents.


A popular grammar checker that goes beyond basic grammar and spelling mistakes. It provides suggestions for improving clarity, style, and fluency, making it a valuable tool for students of all levels 


Another comprehensive writing and editing tool that offers advanced features like style suggestions, plagiarism checks, and a thesaurus.


An AI-powered paraphrasing tool that can help students rephrase sentences and paragraphs while maintaining their original meaning. This can be useful for avoiding plagiarism and improving writing style 


A gamified productivity app that uses timers and positive reinforcement to help students stay focused and avoid distractions.

Focus Keeper

A time management app that utilizes the Pomodoro Technique, breaking down work into focused intervals separated by short breaks.


A fun and interactive language learning app that uses gamification and AI to make learning a new language engaging and effective.


Another popular language learning app that uses spaced repetition and mnemonics to help students retain vocabulary and grammar concepts.

Socratic by Google

An AI-powered math problem solver that can guide students through complex problems step-by-step.

Wolfram Alpha

A computational knowledge engine that can answer complex factual queries and generate visualizations of mathematical concepts.


A mind mapping tool that allows students to brainstorm ideas, organize information, and collaborate on projects.


A collaborative whiteboard platform that allows students and educators to work together on projects in real-time, even when they are in different locations.