Apple users upset with new iPhone 15’s Innovation

Apple users are upset with the new iPhone 15's lack of innovation, particularly in the following areas: Design: The iPhone 15 looks very similar to the iPhone 14, with only minor tweaks.

This is disappointing to many users who were hoping for a more significant design change.

Features: The iPhone 15 does not introduce any groundbreaking new features.

The main improvements are a faster processor, a slightly better camera, and a more durable design.

These upgrades are seen as incremental rather than revolutionary.

Price: The iPhone 15 is more expensive than the iPhone 14, even though it does not offer any major new features.

This is frustrating to many users who feel like they are getting less value for their money.

Overall, Apple users are upset with the iPhone 15 because it feels like a rehashed version of the iPhone 14.

There is no major innovation to justify the higher price tag.

"Apple's innovation died with Steve Jobs."

"Most everything since 2011 has been .5-1° improvements on existing products."

"Meet the new Apple iPhone 13, I mean 14, no sorry 15!"

"I'm a die-hard Apple fan and iPhone 15 is so bland."

"I'm skipping and waiting to see iPhone 16. This should have been called iPhone 14.2. This wasn't enough to earn the '15.'"