Aliens were found on Mars 50 years ago

Everyone died due to NASA's mistake

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The world's biggest unheard riddle, do aliens really exist?

But till now no evidence of aliens has been found

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Meanwhile, a sensational claim has been made about alien

Where is it that aliens were discovered 50 years ago?

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American space agency NASA inadvertently killed everyone

He claims that aliens were discovered in the form of micro-organism

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who lived on the soil of Mar

But due to NASA's mistake, all were killed.

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NASA started the Viking program in the mid-1970s.

Under this, two leaders were sent to Mar

Biological analysis of soil was also done to investigate the possibility of life on the Red Planet.

Many types of experiments were done on Mar

So that it can understand the texture of its soil.

The aliens lost their lives due to a mistake in this experiment.