After recently purchasing a lottery ticket online , a Michigan resident from meet jane popular

Wayne country with some extra cash won a $5.42 millinon lotto 47 prize.

Oct – 2022 to win the top prize , the winner had to match all six of the numbers 

Selected in the drawing held on September 28:2,5,14,30,32 and 42. 

The anonymous 69 years old winner purchased his ticket from the Michigan Lottery website 

The winning ticket is the second largest reward ever won by an internet ticket buyer,

Behind just two previous players who won $5.75 million grand prize

While playing the lucky for life game . Recently , the winner went to the lottery headquarters.

In Lansing to pick up his award. Instead of the annuity , he chose to receive the funds.

As  a one – time lump sum payment of around $3.8 million.

He intends to pay his debts out of his profits and save the rest.