A Mega Millions ticket sold in Florida wins $1.58 billion jackpot, the third-largest in U.S. history

A single ticket sold in Florida won the $1.58 billion Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

The winning numbers were 13, 19, 20, 32, 33 with a gold Mega Ball of 14. 

The jackpot was the third-largest in U.S. lottery history, behind the $1.6 billion 

Powerball jackpot in January 2022 and the $1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot in October 2018.

The winning ticket was sold at a Publix supermarket in Neptune Beach, Florida. 

The winner has not yet come forward to claim the prize.

They have 180 days to do so.

The jackpot had been growing for weeks, 

as there were no winners in the previous 31 drawings.

The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302.6 million.

The winner of the jackpot will have the option to receive the prize as an annuity, 

which would pay out 30 annual installments, or as a lump sum payment. 

The lump sum payment for the $1.58 billion jackpot is estimated to be $783.3 million.

The winner of the jackpot will also have to pay federal and state taxes on their winnings. 

The amount of taxes they owe will depend on their income and the tax laws of the state where they live.