Incredible JavaScript Animation Librarie


A lightweight JavaScript animation library that allows you to create complex animations with ease. Anime.js supports a wide variety of animation types, including CSS properties, SVG morphing, and more. It also provides various easing functions for smoother animations.


A library that combines the best of jQuery and CSS transitions. It can animate colors, transforms, loops, easings, SVGs and more. Velocity.js can work with or without jQuery and has a high performance.

GreenSock JS (GSAP)

A popular JavaScript animation library used for creating high-performance animations and interactive experiences on the web. GSAP offers a wide range of features, including timeline-based animation, physics simulation, morphing, and more.


A JavaScript library that animates SVGs by drawing them in a line-by-line or path-by-path manner. Vivus.js is lightweight and easy to use, and can be customized with different timing and playback options.

ScrollReveal JS

A library for creating scroll interactions with JavaScript and CSS. ScrollReveal JS is a great way to add animations that trigger as users scroll down the page.


A motion graphics library that provides built-in components to start animating from scratch like html, shape, swirl, burst and stagger. Mo.js also brings you tools to help craft animation in a most natural way.


A tiny animator's toolbox that supports keyframe and spring animations for numbers, colors and complex strings. Popmotion is a great option for developers who want a simple and lightweight animation library.


A JavaScript library for creating 3D graphics and animations. Three.js is a powerful library that can be used to create complex and realistic 3D experiences.

Lottie by Airbnb

An animation library that allows you to use Adobe After Effects animations on the web. Lottie is a great option for developers who want to use high-quality, pre-made animations in their projects.


A library that creates a typewriter effect on your web pages. Typed.js is a simple library that can add a touch of personality to your website