5 free Ai Training Courses from Microsoft and Linkedln

Microsoft and Linkedln have joined hands to introduce an innovative professional certificate programme focused on generative AI and the best part is it’s entirely free and quite short

The total screen time you would need to complete this course is 3 hours 49 minute

Here are the five courses that make up this certificate programme

Introducation to Artificial intelligence by soug rose

Get a simplified overview of essential artificial intelligence tools and technique

What is Generative Ai by pinar seyhan demirdag

Delve into the world of generative ai and its profound impace on society

Generative Ai: the Evolution of thoughtful online search by Ashley kennedy

Distinguish between search engines and reasoning engines within generative AI focusing on developing effective search strategie

Streamlining your work with Microsoft bing chat’ by jess Stratton

Master the art of streamlining and automating tasks using Microsoft bing chat

Ethics in the Age of Generative Ai by vilas Dhar

Understand the pivotal role of ethics in the creation and deployment of generative Ai and explore strategies to address ethical challenger responsibly

Regardless of whether you are a project manager an executive a student or just someone enthusiastic about Ai these courses are tailored to equip you with the expertise and abilities needed to excel in the realm of artificial intelligence