HCLTech plans to hire 10,000 freshers this year

good news for graduates

The top HCLTech executive also said the Noida-based IT services company will remain committed to hiring fresh graduates from colleges

The company has set a target to hire 10,000 freshers this year.

While about 27,000 people were hired in 2022-2023

According to C Vijayakumar, CEO and Managing Director of HCLTech, growth in the first half of the year was lower than expected.

The business will need to deliver strong sequential growth in the third and fourth quarters to meet the annual growth objective

After successfully onboarding all the new hires in FY2013

HCLTech is one of the leading IT companies

The university plans to continue to focus on recruiting

Vijayakumar also highlighted that clients have reduced technology expenditure in some long-term projects in sectors such as manufacturing and hi-tech

To maximize the utilization rate, the company is giving first priority to skill upgradation and training of its current personnel.