15 Breathtaking images of space captured by NASA’s James webb Telescope

SMACS 0723 : This deep field image, taken by Webb's NIRCam instrument,

unveils a cluster of galaxies acting as a gravitational lens, magnifying and distorting the light of even fainter galaxies behind them. 

This allowed Webb to see incredibly distant galaxies, some dating back to just a few hundred million years after the Big Bang. 

Carina Nebula : This stellar nursery, located about 7,600 light-years away, 

is teeming with young stars and sculpted by powerful winds and radiation.

Webb's infrared vision pierces through the dust clouds, 

revealing never-before-seen details of the star formation process. 

Southern Ring Nebula : This expanding bubble of gas and dust surrounding a dying star is a breathtaking example of the late stages of stellar evolution. 

Webb's infrared observations reveal the complex structures within the nebula,

including the delicate shells of gas and the hot, dying star at its center. 

WASP-96b : This scorching exoplanet, located about 1,150 light-years from Earth, 

is one of the hottest known gas giants. 

Webb's spectrum analysis revealed the presence of water vapor in the planet's atmosphere, providing insights into the composition of exoplanets. 

Stephan's Quintet : This compact group of galaxies is locked in a cosmic dance of gravitational interactions. 

Webb's infrared vision reveals the tidal tails of gas and stars pulled from the galaxies, as well as the supermassive black holes at their cores.