10 Free Cloud Notebooks for Data Scientist

Google Colab: Google's free Jupyter notebook environment that runs on Google Cloud servers and provides free GPU/TPU support.

Jupyter Notebooks on Azure: Microsoft Azure offers Jupyter notebooks integrated into its cloud platform with free tiers available.

IBM Watson Studio: IBM's cloud-based data science platform includes Jupyter notebooks as part of its free tier.

Databricks Community Edition: Databricks provides a free tier of its cloud-based platform for big data analytics, including notebook support.

Kaggle Kernels: Kaggle offers a free platform for data science competitions and collaboration, including Jupyter notebook support.

AWS SageMaker Studio: Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a free tier of its SageMaker Studio, which includes Jupyter notebook support.

Cocalc: CoCalc is an online platform that supports collaborative computation and includes Jupyter notebook functionality in its free tier.

Deepnote: Deepnote is a collaborative data science platform that offers free access to Jupyter notebooks with integrated version control and collaboration features.

Binder: Binder allows you to turn a Git repository into a collection of interactive notebooks, which can be shared and run in the cloud for free.

Microsoft Azure Notebooks: Azure provides a free service for running Jupyter notebooks in the cloud with integrated Azure services.

Paperspace Gradient: Paperspace offers a free tier for its Gradient platform, which includes Jupyter notebook support for machine learning and data science projects.

Datalore by JetBrains: Datalore is a cloud-based Jupyter notebook environment provided by JetBrains with a free tier available.

Colaboratory by Research at Google: Google Research provides Colaboratory (Colab), a free Jupyter notebook environment that supports collaboration and runs on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Peltarion Platform: Peltarion offers a free tier of its platform for building AI models, which includes Jupyter notebook support.

Polyaxon: Polyaxon provides a free community edition of its platform for machine learning and deep learning experimentation, including Jupyter notebook support.